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    JB Andrews, MD - In Processing

    For military personnel reporting to Joint Base Andrews for in-processing, the 24-hour arrival point is the Presidential Inn at 1380 California Ave. Reservations: (301) 981-4614, DSN: 858-4614. Service members are asked to report to the unit administration office the first day after arriving at Joint Base Andrews. Once members have checked in at the unit administration office, newcomers will need to report to the Military Personnel Section Customer Service. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 0730-1630. Be sure to bring all personnel records including medical and dental as well as any financial paperwork when you're first reporting in. In-processing can take several days, so be sure to make temporary lodging arrangements for families and bring enough uniforms to complete the process. For more information about specific in-processing procedures at Joint Base Andrews, contact your sponsor.